Kolob Counseling opened its doors in 1993 in St. George Utah with Martha Ham, LCSW as its principal clinician. The focus of Kolob Counseling is to offer counseling services and psycho-educational trainings.  
About Martha Ham, LCSW
Martha earned a bachelor’s degree at Mercer University (Macon, Georgia) in Philosophy and English in 1975.  She completed a Masters in Social Work in 1990 at the University of Utah and has been practicing psychotherapy since that time. Her therapy style employs cognitive behavioral techniques and psychodynamic principles.  Martha enjoys teaching and typically presents psycho-educational material to her clients in assisting them in broadening their base of problem-solving, communication, coping, and mood regulation skills.
Martha considers herself to be a generalist and treats many mental health conditions including: depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar affective disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, marital stress, parenting challenges, divorce adjustment, etc.
Martha is a wife and mother.  She is not a member of a church but values the religious beliefs and practices of her clients.  She is also a LGBTQI affirmative therapist.   
Individual, couple and family
For:  Adults and Teens (age 12 or older)

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1031 South Bluff St, Suite 102, St. George, UT 84770  //  Voice  435-674-4464    Fax 435-574-1371
1031 South Bluff St, Suite 102, St. George, UT 84770   //  Voice  435-674-4464    Fax 435-574-1371